Residential Heating & Cooling Services in Johnstown, PA

In with the good air… and out with the bad!

When it comes to making your indoor atmosphere more liveable, come to the people who make it their business to keep you comfortable: Skone’s Advanced, Inc.

We have been giving quality sales and installation to the area since 1948 and we can help you whether you need gas, oil, or electric. Skone’s is the name to remember for quality name-brand sales and proven service and installation.

New boiler installed by Skone's Advanced Heating & Cooling
Gas Hot air furnace replacement by Skone's Advanced Heating & Cooling
New AirTemp AC unit installed by Skone's Advanced Heating & Cooling


Keeping your home warm and toasty all year long is integral to the comfort and safety of your family. Let the professionals at Skone’s help you! Whether you are looking to heat your entire home, or one specific area, our brand-name equipment and highly trained technicians can help find the residential heating solutions that meet your needs and your budget.


During those hot summer months to come, Skone’s provides all the help you will need to properly engineer heating, air conditioning, humidifying or electronic air cleaning systems, completely tailored to fit your home and family’s needs.

Enjoy the convenience and the added value to your home with Skone’s name brand air conditioning equipment and over 60 years of quality engineering, installation and service.

To learn more about our residential heating and cooling services, contact us today. We look forward to working with you!